Tuesday, December 14, 2010

~~Naze watashi nano?

سلام الله عليكم

I had a post idea for today, but now I can't remember what I REALLY TRULY wanted to say. I think its because of this sickness i have been holding for. It's just a cold though but it really caught me dizzy. maybe i just wanted to make it sound like serious.

I have lots of questions. Well, uh... maybe only two questions. They are about ;






Yeah, first I really want someone to teach me on how to efit picture to looks interesting, like kinda blurr cause i have certain picture that looks so nice on my blog if it's edited though.

I really like impress my feeling one the seecond ques. Meaning? It's a japanese words. i watched japanese drama recently so t think i can guess the meaning. It's stand for "why I'm being like this?" It's a deep meaning and yeah it's sound like some kind kind of depreesing words. More like someone who will be dying any moment. (na'uzubillah).

Damn. Why I'm so worked out for? I just realised that I have been more and more furious about something. Well, it's not like I'm in period season ( guy have period time too huh?? ) i got depressed on how i'm growing into. Am i a bad guy? am i too shahid? (arabic word = too strict) used to play on my mind. Maybe cause of the culture surrounding and family of which my dad being so strict when i was little. Like i'm become one of tiger's family. Well, people used to say like father like son so I guess this what they meant. But precisely I feel like I'm being betrayed or something. Sigh. But luckily everything semes like okay now!

I am happy.

  • I have been feeling fairly happy these past two days. I've still felt like posting - which is amazing to me in some ways and not surprising in others. Writing and expressing my feelings has always helped.
  • related the above one - I've started writing more diligently in my personal journal and it has been very....healing.
  • I get free dinner for 2 days. I'm very excited for this. ^_^
  • I have started to notice how spending time in gym with a couch has been helping my body - I'm thougher, more slimmed down, free from cold. I'm excited about this too. At the same time I am also going to implement a strength training workout 2-3x a week. Not sure exactly what that is going to involve yet, but I know it will make feel even BETTER!

what are some of your "things?"

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