Wednesday, December 15, 2010

~~Embrace of love for you......

سلام الله عليكم

"inner voice"

Lately it feel like very difficult to balance certain things to weave by sensing intuition.
when i tot i am actually an optimist that will take thing as easy as it will seem.
however when comes that wind of unsettlement i were caught dumb founded.

Everything is moving out of the orbit...


moh yamete kore...i should stop thinking.
stop everything.
i wonder why'd im so serious about this.
i used to just doing this for fun.

i don;t know what to do or say anymore.
sometimes i'm tired.
sometimes i just wanna fight for it.
but i know i shouldn't be too selfish.
...this is sux...

am i just asking too much?
...i don't wanna to force feelings towards anyone cause i hate it too.
.. damn...

i tried my very hard to leave that world that feeling.
but i can't no matter how much i force myself to.
but that world are practically a world of nothingness.
i was stupid back then...
but yet let's move on.

p/s ~ im sorry for describing my inner voice here. i just realised that this is wrong but like the folks said writing helps to feel better. sorry again for inconvenient.


Trust ALLAH and Love ALLAH
in all that you do,
whatever HE does
is always the BEST for you

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